Dubai Desert Tour

Things to do in Dubai: Desert Safari Tour

This was one of the best and coolest things I’ve done in Dubai and I highly recommend it to all types of travellers: couples, families with kids, singles etc. It’s really worth it and it’s a lot of fun!

The Dubai Desert is part of the Arabian Desert and attracts adventure-seeking travellers every day. Watching the sunset and being in the middle of the dunes is truly a wonderful experience.

Dubai Desert Safari

The most common tour for those who want to know the desert is the 4×4 Adventure tour Safari directly from the city of Dubai. Several travel companies run this tour and follow a similar itinerary in Dubai. However, we chose a slightly different tour as we were looking for a unique and authentic experience. The tour we chose was the Heritage Collection through the Platinum Heritage company. Click here to access all the information on TripAdvisor. By the way, follow me on Instagram @heycassitravel to see all my photos and short videos from this amazing experience. 

I also post a full video on my Youtube Channel. Don’t forget to comment if you watch it! 

The Platinum Heritage guide came by van to pick us up from our hotel and from there, we left Dubai city for the desert dunes around 3pm in the afternoon. The tour we chose was to watch and experience the sunset in the desert. We preferred this time because the sun goes down and it gets a little cooler during the afternoon in the desert, but Platinum Heritage also offers other times and styles of tour. Check their website for more info here.

As soon as we started to see the dunes from the road, several groups met in a place determined by Platinum Heritage, and there we were given our brand new pashmina, we also learned to put on the turban, we could see some camels and after that we started to go through the dunes in those beautiful Land Rovers from 1950. This collection has a museum quality and guarantees an even more incredible experience.

Land Rovers 1950

The route is stunning. We stopped twice to take some incredible pictures, we also saw some oryx, a traditional Arabian animal and stopped at a campsite to see a falcon performance. As we visited during the religious season of Ramadan, a traditional tea and some dates were also served to break the fast exactly at sunset time. So good!

Oryx Dubai

After the sunset, we were taken to camps inspired by the traditional Bedouin way of life. As soon as we arrived, we could ride camels, do some henna paintings and other small traditional activities.

During the night, we watched a typical dance show in the middle of the camp, the sky was super starry (so beautiful from the middle of the desert), and soon after, the traditional dinner was served: a delicious arabic food. 

Sunset Dubai

In addition to this sunset safari tour, which includes the tour and a dinner, there are also other tours to watch the sunrise, balloon tour and you can even stay at one of the resorts in the middle of the desert. Very luxurious!  We returned at 22:30pm at night back to the hotel and we loved  this tour so much! Don’t miss out if you are heading to Dubai!

Well guys, this was my adventure through the Dubai Desert and don’t forget to subscribe here to my Youtube channel for more Dubai videos and tips!

Happy travels!

Cassi x

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