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My Staying at Kimo Estate

This is a such special post. Kimo Estate is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been in my entire life! Gosh…how I love these cabins experiences and I’m going to explain why it’s such an amazing trip always in my opinion!

Kimo Estate is a luxury accommodation situated 10 mins from Gundagai, NSW on a working 7000 acre sheep and cattle farm. I stayed at one of their three Eco Huts, called Sweeney’s Eco Hut (click here to book).

How to get there

Driving from Sydney, the time/distance is around 4 hours and it’s a good idea to book two nights or a weekend gateway.

When I booked my staying I received a message from Kimo explaining about the accomodation and things to do around the area, which was so helpful! I could plan my trip with amazing recommendations!

We left Sydney in the morning, so we arrived in Jugiong, NSW at lunch time so we’ve done a quick stop for lunch at The Long Track Pantry, which was an amazing choice! It’s a local store with some home made products, coffee, lunch and other products! I had a delicious salmon for lunch!

Then we took our way to the most beautiful cabin ever: Sweeney’s EcoHut! I really recommend you to bring your own food and drinks as you won’t wanna leave this place for a second! Also, your experience it’s going to be even more relaxed! There are few option for dinning out locally but I think it’s a good idea to stay and have a dinner under the stars at the Eco Hut! You won’t be dissapointed!

Sweeney’s Eco Hut

The Sweeney’s Eco Hut is a movie scenery! I felt so lucky to be able to travel to so many cool places. We could see that small piece of heaven from the road and when we arrived, we that opened the door and we saw that beauty inside the cabin with the most stunning view…just WOW!

The cabin is gorgeous as I said and there is a very comfy bed, a small kitchen, a bathroom and even it’s a small accomodation, we had everything we needed as enough room, awesome products and a very cozy experience.

Outside the cabin there’s a barbecue at the back and in front is located the hot tub which was warmed waiting for us when we arrived! The hot tub is splendid! The view from the tub is very hard to describle because it really looks like a masterpiece! Just stunning!

I recommend you to bring a wine and a cheese platter to enjoy the night comes from the hot tub and see an amazing sunset if you are lucky with weather as I was! So don’t forget to bring the food and drinks of your preference! There’s coffee and tea available.

The mornings from the cabin is also another unique experience. We could see the sunrise just in front of our bed, it looked we were sleeping outside, so what a way to start a day with an opportunity like that?

We had an amazing breakfast included in our stay so we didn’t have to worry with it. It was great!

When we had to left the little piece of heaven, we also enjoyed a bit the area of Gundagai. It’s such a lovely village and the nature is beautiful. We wanted to do a bit of hiking but we didn’t have enough time, so it will be an opportunity (and excuse) to come back! πŸ™‚

Well, hope you enjoy this post as I enjoyed this experience!

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