My Quarantine Routine

This is a very difficult time for everyone around the world. It’s so sad to watch what’s happening with all the people affected by the Covid-19. There is a lot of negativity out there and it’s being hard to live in these conditions of quarantine right now. But also, there are opportunities during this situation and I believe we need to keep going, staying positive and following the guides as well as the recommendations of World Health Organization – WHO and the government ( – Australia in my case.

I’m already 40 days in quarantine where I live in Sydney, Australia. The numbers of Covid-19 cases here are falling as it looks the most part of the population are following the government recommendations. I aim with this post to inspire people to keep moving with patience and love instead of fear to live with some quality during this challenging time.

This post maybe can inspire you to try something you didn’t have chance for many possible reasons or just to let you know what my routine looks like. This is not a post to make you feel bad or not doing something, not a place to compete, this is what I found that worked for me and maybe you can also suggest cool things from your routine too!

According to Head of Health, here are some ways to stay mentally healthy and I’m going to add what I’m doing to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Set up a daily routine.

Plan activities that are fun and you like it (such as reading, watching movies, hobbies) and that give you a sense of achievement (such as cleaning, completing work tasks, learning a new skill). Try to do different things each day.

Stay activeβ€” create an exercise routine that can be completed at home, to maintain physical fitness and reduce stress. As I was training at F45 before, I just kept my membership active and they’re now doing online live sessions everyday, so I’m doing everyday funcional training from my living room with them. I’m moving my body everyday which is helping a lot to keep going through this moment. I’m also walking everyday as we’re allowed to go out for exercise in Australia. But you can also download Nike Training app which is free to workout from home or there are a lot of classes on Youtube.

Eat wellβ€”plan and eat a variety of nutritious meals. Just in the quarantine beginning, I started to eat more sweets and craving more for food than usual, so I just had a moment to restart and I decided to plan my meals, also times for snacks, which helps a lot to reduce emotional eating! I feel that knowing what I’m going to eat keep me on track.

Stay connected with friends and family via phone, chat, email, or video conferencing. I try to call them or keep a routine as before, calling on Friday nights or over the weekend.

Stay informed

Getting information from trusted sources can help you determine reasonable precautions to take to maintain your health. See the links we have included above in COVID-19: The facts.

Stay positive

This is unpleasant, but it will pass. What you say to yourself is important. Listen to the things you are saying to yourself and change negative comments to be more helpful and realistic.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, please don not struggle alone, ask from support or help of family and friends.

I found that staying in a routine helps to get things done. So planning is the best thing to do before start your weeks during this time as well! Try to visualize how it’s going to be or how you would like to go through your week including everything you will need to do: work, exercise, meals, kids (if you have), pets, groceries, and write about your tasks…try to organize your schedule with this new reality and you can share some tasks with your family too! But the key point is planning!

Your quarantine routine may will look different depending on the person or location you live. Many families with kids are homeschooling during this time and because of that, already have a different schedule figured out, but you can also plan your weeks anyway!

Other things I’m doing during the quarantine that is helping me to go through this time:

Cooking new recipes…I’m following the meal plan from F45 challenge app and also trying some recipes from some Instagram accounts and hashtags. I’m loving my time learning and trying new flavours.

I’m watching a lot of lives from my favourite singers and bands! I’m loving and enjoying to watch them in very casual shows from their homes!

I’m meditating more often than before. I’m paying more attention to my mental health and I’m feeling in need of meditation more than ever. I like to use Insight timer app to meditate but there is also Calm, Headspace and you can even play some meditation music on Spotify or Youtube.

I’m walking more now than before to exercise. Because I’m working from home right now and I’m just going out for exercise, I started walking everyday since it starts and because of that I’m increasing the number of steps everyday. Now I’m every morning and afternoon, before and after work, walking to see the day, clearing my mind, get a bit of fresh air, all of this of course, respecting the social distancing. One of the things that I also like is to dress with my favourite workout outfit, I also love to use my favourite sunglasses from Quay (check here also some eyewear for men options), set a good playlist or podcast and enjoy my time out!

I’m spending sometime shopping online and also supporting some local business. I was also impacted by the covid-19, but I feel grateful and healthy enough to help and support these in need right now.

I’m looking more to my home. I’m cleaning more than before, I’m trying to organise my stuff with care and love.

I’m spending a lot more time with my family which is amazing!

Let’s spread love instead of fear! Leave your comments and what are you doing to get through this time?

Cassi xx

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