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Loving my new Google Pixel Buds

Last month was full of nice surprises! I received a lovely email from my #teampixel saying that I was going to receive a parcel with one of their latest launch to try it! I got so sooooo excited because it is always something really amazing from Google of course!

If you follow me on Instagram @heycassitravel, you probably saw me unboxing a parcel from Google with my new Pixel Buds, but if you didn’t see it in real time there, here is somo photos and my reviews!

First, I’m luck enough to have the opportunity to try Google products since they’ve started developing phones, but they’re just getting better and I will tell you why!

If you use Google services, like Gmail, Chrome, Drive, Maps, Google Calendar, Google assistant etc…the new Pixel Buds will make your life just easier and simple.

10 Things that I’m loving in my new Pixel Buds:

1. Design

It’s just beautiful how this product was designed. It’s clearly white and a very soft product, also easy to wear and very comfortable during its use. Google Pixel Buds is giving me a high-quality and comfortable listening experience during all day.

2. Wireless Bluetooth

It’s a cordless earplug and a totally hands‑free product with the help from Google Assistant.

You can just say “Hey Google, text my husband, ‘on my way”. You can just start with “Hey Google” to send messages, get directions or play your favourite playlist, all hands‑free.

3. Touch and Voice control

Love this touch control, you literally don’t need to use your phone and you can keep it on your pocket or bag. You can just tap on the Google Pixel Bud to play and pause, swipe to change the volume and talk to Google Assistant.

4. All‑day battery

It’s amazing how the battery works well. I can easily listen for 2 or 3 hours of music or podcasts with a single charge and just put on the charging case after finishes, so it can recharge again and I’m able to have it 24 hours with me without worry.

5. Audio that adapts

As I move between noisy and quiet places, I can notice the technology from Google Pixel Buds called Adaptive Sound that adjusts the volume to fit the surroundings so that I don’t have to change or touch my phone.

6. Clear calls

It has amazing built-in sensors and mics focus on our voices, so that if we’re on a call in a busy city, we’ll be heard loud and clear.

7. Sweat and water resistant

Google Pixel Buds aren’t afraid of a little water, so rainy days and sweaty workouts are not a problem. But you cannot swimming with this earplug.

8. Real-time Translations

This absolutely amazing! We now can get real‑time translations right in our ears, whether you’re ordering dinner in France or visiting your multilingual family in Brazil. I love how Google is improving their technology and integrating their services to make our life easier and better.

9. Power up easily

I’m charging my new Pixel Buds case with my cable or on a compatible wireless charging pad. Also, the new Pixel 5 5G phone is able to wireless charging the Pixel Buds too.

10. Pair up quickly

I used a lot of different wireless earplugs, but I’m impressed to see how quick it connects with any Bluetooth 4.0 laptops, tablets, etc. It also pairs with iOs phones.

Note: the Pixel Buds don’t come with noise cancellation, but the in-ear rubber tip design acts a little like an ear plug, and some noise is muffled as a result.

I’m using my new Google Pixel Buds pretty much everyday in many activities during the day as well as during my morning walks and afternoon running, working listening some focus music which helps a lot to get things done, listening to my favourite podcasts while I organise my home, to talk with my family, friends and work mates.

I’m loving my Google Pixel Buds that was a gift from Google and I would love to hearing from you what do you think and what are you wearing as earplugs at the moment?

More information about Google Pixel Buds here.

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