How I met Bruno…our love story

This post is a long story coming. Especially when I met Bruno 15 years ago. It’s also a magical timing as we’re going to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary this year and I’m so excited planning everything! It’s so good to remember how our story begun…

Back in time, Bruno and I lived in different cities in Brazil. We grow up in different places, so he had completed his university in Santos city when he just moved to another city called Campinas. I was completing my studies at the university in the same city when I got an internship in an advertising agency.

Coincidence or not, it was in the same agency that Bruno was working. So we become best friends, we had a wonderful time working together, we helped each other in so many ways during a beginning of many things in our lives and careers….when love just happened! We’re really proof that love happens at work 🙂

We worked together, we partied together, we travel around Brazil (always following the sun), Bruno helped me to complete my last graduation assessment with his wonderful artwork (he was starting to draw in that time and now he is an amazing artist that I’m so proud!

After 1 year and half we decided to get married and I remember this glorious time as it was yesterday! We were really young, Bruno was 25 and I was 24 and we had the most beautiful time togheter as we shared our best youth moments.

I love Weddings

I loved to plan each detail of our wedding as the venue, my wedding dress, the cerimony, the party, flowers, wedding band – btw I’m looking to buy a new women’s wedding band for our wedding anniversary this year and I found these gorgeous options here.

Our ceremony was very special, we had all of our loved family and friends blessing our love, everybody was so happy, we enjoyed more than 100% our party! I’m always talking to my friends that I could marry again renewing our vows 100 times again because I had such an amazing time! It was one of the best days of my life!

Every year we choose a place to travel celebrating our Wedding Anniversary….that’s what we always like as gift every single year 🙂 We’ve been travelling to so many beautiful places so far as well as beautifu beaches in Brazil, Australia, Cook Islands, Fiji…

For this year, I’m starting to plan something around Australia as we’re not sure what’s going to happen with the Covid-19 affecting the airports and so many places, but I would love to plan a ceremony to renew our vows! Maybe we won’t be able to do a party because of social distancing but it will be good to have so me friends and family around. I’ll write more posts about my wedding anniversary planning this year! Leave a comment if you enjoy!

Let me know if you have any recommendation or suggestion of renewing vows…..and also which women’s wedding band did you like most? I would love to hearing from you.

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Cassi xx

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