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    We painted a new Mural in Sydney

    Last month, my beloved husband and Sydney artist @BrunoMota created a new amazing mural for a lovely Yoga Studio in Rosebery, NSW. Of course I was there supporting him again in his duties painting, photographing and filming everything in this project! The new artwork is part of a yoga studio rebranding. Bruno’s idea is to bring positivity, balance and energy through his colours to when the studio opens its doors after quarantine, due covid19. It was a great time of a healing process for us and hopefully it helps in some way the members of this studio. Namaste πŸ™ Do you love art? Follow us on Instagram: @BrunoMota & @HeyCassiTravel…

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    My artistic side

    If you follow me on Instagram @Heycassitravel you know that sometimes I’m an artist! πŸ™‚ But if it’s your first time here, I will share with you how it all began… Bruno Mota, my husband is a professional painter around 10 years and back in that time, we started painting together in Brazil, but I didn’t find motivation to keep going professionally and Bruno did. So I watched him grow painting since his first canva, developing so many skills with talent and passion. Still in Brazil, I started to be very interested in street art, graffiti and in big public projects. Since the beginning Bruno found his own style and…

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    My Quarantine Routine

    This is a very difficult time for everyone around the world. It’s so sad to watch what’s happening with all the people affected by the Covid-19. There is a lot of negativity out there and it’s being hard to live in these conditions of quarantine right now. But also, there are opportunities during this situation and I believe we need to keep going, staying positive and following the guides as well as the recommendations of World Health Organization – WHO and the government ( – Australia in my case. I’m already 40 days in quarantine where I live in Sydney, Australia. The numbers of Covid-19 cases here are falling as…