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A guide to Mudgee

Our first time in Mudgee was absolutely amazing! What a beautiful town, located in the west of Sydney, New South Wales.

It’s around 3.5 hours driving from Sydney and the road views are fantastic! It’s gorgeous to see the nature all the way to Mudgee. Unfortunately some parts are still recovering from the bushfires but it’s a lot to see during this road trip.

Lithgow, Blue Mountains

We planned to stop at Lithgow town for a quick coffee break and to know another place on our way to Mudgee. Lithgow is located around 2 hours from Sydney in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales. We had a beautiful coffee and breakfast at The Tin Shed and after that we went to take some photos at Blast Furnace Park. We spent around two hours between coffee, checking out the small town and at Blast Furnace Park. There is more to see and do in Lithgow but we will leave to another time.

Some another places I’ve listed to see in Lithgow next time:

  • Glow Worn Tunnel
  • Zig Zag Railway
  • Hassans Walls Lookout

Click here to find more about Lithgow.

We woke up earlier to go to Mudgee, so around 9:30 am we arrived in Lithgow and we left around 11:30pm. We wanted to arrive for lunch time in the beautiful rural town of Mudgee.

Mudgee is a wine country and it’s an awesome place to enjoy good food and taste different wines. As it’s covid19 times and many people are travelling around NSW it’s been hard to book restaurants, many of than are working with restrictions and some of then are closing or doing different times. I really recommend you to book everything before travel and check the open hours as well.

The name ‘Mudgee’ comes from the Wiradjuri word β€˜Moothi’ which means, romantically, β€˜Nest in the Hills’.

The first thing we’ve done when we arrived in Mudgee was visiting the tourist visitor centre of Mudgee, we’ve got the city magazine with maps and we’ve got the information that we needed to start enjoying the town.

Mudgee has a beautiful architecture and everything is well preserved which is amazing!

Mudgee CBD walk – What to see

  1. Robertson Park (oposite visitor centre)
  2. Post Office
  3. Dear, Loneragan and Hogan, Solicitors
  4. The Town Hall Building
  5. Hannaford Cox Conellan + Mcfarland Solicitors
  6. The Anglican Parish Church of Saint John The Baptist
  7. The Clock Tower
  8. The Regent Picture Theatre
  9. Saint Mary of The Presentation Roman Catholic Church
  10. Loneragan’s Store
  11. Kelly’s Irish Pub
  12. The Oriental Hotel
  13. The Uniting Church
  14. Perry Street Hotel
  15. The Mudgee Guardian Newspaper Building
  16. The Cobb & Co Boutique Hotel

We had our lunch at Eltons Eating and Drinking as we couldn’t book any winery because of the covid-19 restrictions, so we had a lovely time at Eltons and we planned to check Mudgee CBD area.

Around 15:30pm we went to a beautiful winery called Lowe to enjoy some good wines and a perfect scenery. The place is stunning and I really recommend this winery.

Mudgee has more than 40 family-owned cellar doors, a distillery, a brewery and a shrub tasting house.

Around 16:30pm we left the winery towards Gulgong where our hotel was located. If you are planning to go to Mudgee, I recommend you to check Gulgong area. It’s around 20 minutes driving from Mudgee and you will feel like in a old movie. Gulgong was founded in the gold rush era when an estimated of 20.000 people flocked to the area. It’s all preserved and it will enrich your regional experience.

Where to stay in Gulgong, NSW

I stayed at Owl Head Lodge a very tranquil place surrounded by vineyards and in a very beautiful and unique glass studio. It’s a great rural retreat and you can wake up watching the sunrise and sleep looking at the starts. It’s a great value for money , also a comfort and beautiful place.

Find more about Owl Head Lodge by clicking here.

When in Gulgong…

Explore around the little and beautiful town of Gulgong, seeing the fascinating museums and iconic buildings.

Take photos of the historic streetscape

Did you know? Gulgong was the town on the original $10 note!

As we spent our night in the accommodation, we had 1 day to explore Gulgong, so we had our breakfast in a local cafe and then we went to do our morning workout through the beautiful nature of The Drip walking track.

It’s a short and easy 1 hour walking to see The Drip. It’s family friend as well. Do not forget water bottle, comfortable and sport clothes, hat, sunscreen. Rain water trickling through the porous rock wall makes it a cool oasis.

Our plan was to end our weekend trip at a great cafe in Mudgee called Alby + Esthers but because of the covid-19 situation they’re closed on Sunday and we missed this breakfast. But it’s a great cafe and I will definitely come back soon to check it out! Let me know if you go and what you think?!

Well, I hope you enjoy Mudgee as much as I did and I wish to come back soon!

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