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    My artistic side

    If you follow me on Instagram @Heycassitravel you know that sometimes I’m an artist! 🙂 But if it’s your first time here, I will share with you how it all began… Bruno Mota, my husband is a professional painter around 10 years and back in that time, we started painting together in Brazil, but I didn’t find motivation to keep going professionally and Bruno did. So I watched him grow painting since his first canva, developing so many skills with talent and passion. Still in Brazil, I started to be very interested in street art, graffiti and in big public projects. Since the beginning Bruno found his own style and…

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    My Quarantine Routine

    This is a very difficult time for everyone around the world. It’s so sad to watch what’s happening with all the people affected by the Covid-19. There is a lot of negativity out there and it’s being hard to live in these conditions of quarantine right now. But also, there are opportunities during this situation and I believe we need to keep going, staying positive and following the guides as well as the recommendations of World Health Organization – WHO and the government (health.gov.au) – Australia in my case. I’m already 40 days in quarantine where I live in Sydney, Australia. The numbers of Covid-19 cases here are falling as…

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    How I met Bruno…our love story

    This post is a long story coming. Especially when I met Bruno 15 years ago. It’s also a magical timing as we’re going to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary this year and I’m so excited planning everything! It’s so good to remember how our story begun… Back in time, Bruno and I lived in different cities in Brazil. We grow up in different places, so he had completed his university in Santos city when he just moved to another city called Campinas. I was completing my studies at the university in the same city when I got an internship in an advertising agency. Coincidence or not, it was in the…

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